Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Another Papillon painting  'Reflections' is an aceo, 6.5cm x 9cm.. layers of pencil and gouache on pastel paper. The papillon, a 'butterfly dog', holding court with the transformational Dragonflies and Butterfly. To his left, a Red Robin swoops straight toward the Heart Chakra with a leaf, reminiscent of the post Flood olive branch. Stars float suspended in the night ocean. Full moon rises on the high seas. I love to incorporate beautiful thoughts and intuitions into my art, and as I worked on this one, here is what arose:

I often watch our girls, Bonnie and Jess, involved quietly in their own thoughts.
They are surrounded by peace
They seem to be listening to music I cannot hear, dreaming of voyages I can only hope include me..

Art is so powerful, expressing in one moment what may otherwise take hours to explain, different languages, misunderstandings!

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