Saturday, June 20, 2009

Cook Island Art.

Oceans remind me of the unbounded energy, the vast size, the power of our planet. I have always been a water~baby, Mum told me I would run to the shore as soon as I could walk! The smooth, even finish made possible using Acrylic paints, was realised last year when I joined the Studio Class of my friend, amazing artist Elena Parashko. This painting of Cook Island, off Fingal Head in Northern New South Wales, is one of my first efforts. Above right, at 100cm x 60cms, it took many hours, and this week I have had a go at re~ creating the island, this time at 10cm x 15cm and with Windspinner Dolphin leading me in.. I chose watercolour for this miniature.



  1. Congratulation on your new Art Blog, Jenny! It's looking great already! Hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoy my Art Blog! :)

  2. Jenny, I love your new dolphin painting!!! The colors are so soft and soothing, your rocky island is great, and your dolphin is well done & realistic. You can almost feel it's sleek skin! :)


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