Thursday, December 17, 2009

Ancestral Memory

From a reference photo of a beautiful, but tightly restricted Andalusian, I began the careful work towards a faithful rendition, right down to the Spanish bit and foaming mouth, the flattened ears and the wild eyes. But as I worked, my thoughts turned to feelings of desire for freedom, for the toss of the wild windswept mane and the release of those hands from the reins. The American Paint Horse carries the blood of the Andalusian.

His ear on the far side has started to flick forward, the eyes softens as if to begin a dialogue.. the rein flies free into the air!


  1. This is amazing! There is such detail in the face, mane and bridle. Wonderful feeling and expression in his eyes, manner, and overall in this drawing!...(and I love the feathers, too!). So well, done!

    1. Thank you Sandra! I've been going through my Blog, tidying up..


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