Friday, November 13, 2009

'The Young Ones'

Another little image is surfacing from the ethers! Being blessed with the company of horses and dogs in my life I'm sure is like walking with Angels made visible. When the unseen world, the realm of feeling and spirit, seems abstract and difficult to understand, 'snapshots' appear in my consciousness like photos materialising in a darkroom tray..

Our little poodle x chihuahua, Bonnie, is in her 'wise years' yet she plays like a puppy. Races around the lawn with four year old Jess~Princess~Papillon. She looks at me with her amazing dark eyes, reminding me of love absolute and unconditional. Her heart is young. I am drawing her on a fun jaunt with a young at heart colt, bareback as I used to ride when I was less conscious of my mortality.

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