Monday, October 19, 2015

Loving memories

while living in the past is not something I want as a natural state of being , I welcome the tip- toe of childhood + teenage memories, especially after meditation, which opens the portal for Soul- making moments to flicker back into my mind. From very early willow tree climbing days, when at just 5 or 6 years old I quite understandably saw the topmost boughs of our 40 foot willow trees as my own exclusive Penthouse armchair! At that age, I then only dreamed  of owning my own horse, (that day was still four years away..)  but my birds nest view of our 3 acre paddock was a simply a green realm of possibility... I would watch 'National Velvet' the TV series, 'Champion The Wonder Horse' and of course, 'Fury' . My image- life was rich and scented with horse and Salix flower and the buzz of bees in the treetops next to me. I'm sure that outdoor,  nature rich childhood, which led to real horses from my 10th year, inspires my art and my Heart in ways I don't fully understand; .. drawings like this one, layered with meanings and the flow of memories ... will have to Speak for me.


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