Monday, May 6, 2013

In the Fields of Daisies

In The Fields of Daisies

Love the meditational pause that overtook me every time I sat down with this piece in front of me..From a precious photo of my beautiful Paint Horse Jack, I began a drawing which I felt would express his essence visually.. For over a year I carried it around in notepads, in books I was reading, in my shoulder bag on trips down to the river..even on my desk on some rare occasions! At times I actually couldn't find the piece, it was as though Jack's Unicorn needed to withdraw for a time before being ready to further reveal himself. This drawing comes from a deep place of feeling my own connection to the mystical, to the hiding vulnerable Spirit inside. Protected by a light filled forest
with shafts of heavenly light dancing across his body, knees deep in what must be golden flowers, with stars and moons and angels dancing across his cheek and legs.. filaments of fairy dust adorn his heart~space. This is the embodiment of a little piece of every horse who has graced my life.

Size: 7" x 8.5".

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