Friday, November 19, 2010

Connection, Our own Butterfly Effect..

Imp the Pony Makes The Stars The 'butterfly effect' reminds us that we are all connected, that the gently flapping wings of a butterfly in brazil can result in a tornado.. (or willy~willy) .. in ..well.. Australia! So here is a new little painting from me, a tiny artistic mirror reflecting some of my thoughts out into the Universe and back again to me. My long distance friend Elaine who runs a wonderful Animal Rescue Farm 'Hector's Gate' in the UK gave me permission to use a photo of her cheeky little pinto 'Imp' in my art.. I envisioned him having his own Butterfly Effect on the Universe! Splashing the crystal waters in the Cave at the edge of the World, sparkling droplets spiralling up into the skies, hanging there suspended as silver, twinkling stars. From my vantage point Down~under, I can hear the 'plink' and feel the silvery Shimmer!



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