Thursday, June 10, 2010

Capturing a Moment..

I often begin a miniature whimsical painting with just a feeling. Connectedness to all 'things' is the undertow that powers my art so here it is again. Then I open my heart for a subject, and here is little Bonnie again, this time suddenly cavorting with dragonflies at the temple of the rare and wonderful Night Waratah on the Island of Pink and Gold Hearts! Makes sense? Not to a hard~nosed realist perhaps, ("How did Bonnie sail the boat? No motor, no sails".. "she has no hands anyway," and "she's 'just a dog'" "Waratahs grow in East Coast Australian scrubby Bushland not alone on an Island!!") .. but to the artistic heart, the image and the feeling floats gently from me to you across the ethers, before hopefully finding a welcome 'soft place to fall'.

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